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“Kicking Your Logo Game: A Comprehensive Guide to K-Starting Brands”


When it comes to creating a logo for your brand, you want something that will instantly grab the attention of your target audience and leave a lasting impression. Fortunately, there are plenty of logos that start with the letter k that can help you achieve just that. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most popular and effective k-starting logos, as well as tips and tricks for designing your own logo.

1. KFC: The Iconic Chicken Chain Logo

If there’s one logo that’s instantly recognizable, it’s the KFC logo. With its bold, red and white color scheme and distinctive fried chicken bucket, KFC has managed to create a brand identity that’s hard to forget. In fact, KFC is so successful that it’s considered one of the most valuable brands in the world.

2. Nike: The Just Do It Slogan Logo

Another iconic logo that starts with the letter k is Nike’s "Just Do It" slogan logo. This logo features a simple, black and white design with the iconic Nike swoosh and the words "Just Do It" in bold red text. The simplicity of this design has made it incredibly effective at creating brand recognition and loyalty.

  1. Kellogg’s: The Classic Cereal Box Logo

Kellogg’s is another great example of a successful k-starting logo. With its classic cereal box design and bright, colorful packaging, Kellogg’s has managed to create a brand identity that’s instantly recognizable and memorable. This logo is a perfect example of how effective using familiar, everyday objects can be in creating a strong brand identity.

4. Kimberly-Clark: The Trusted Paper Products Logo

Kimberly-Clark is another well-known brand that uses a k-starting logo to great effect. With its simple, yet effective design featuring the name "Kimberly-Clark" in bold, white text on a blue background, this logo is instantly recognizable and trustworthy. The use of the word "trusted" in the design reinforces the brand’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Tips for Designing Your Own K-Starting Logo:

Now that you’ve seen some examples of successful k-starting logos, it’s time to start thinking about designing your own. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Keep it simple: As we’ve seen in the examples above, simple designs are often the most effective. Avoid clutter and stick to a clean, minimalist look that will be easy for people to recognize and remember.
  • Use colors strategically: Colors can be incredibly powerful when it comes to branding. Choose colors that are associated with your target audience and that will help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Focus on your unique selling point: What makes your brand different from everyone else? Highlight this in your logo by using imagery, text, or other design elements that speak to your unique value proposition.
  • Test your logo: Before launching your brand, test your logo with a focus group or survey to see how it resonates with your target audience. This will help you make any necessary adjustments and ensure that your logo is as effective as possible.


Q: What are some popular k-starting logos?
A: KFC, Nike, Kellogg’s, Kimberly-Clark.

Q: How can I design my own k-starting logo?
A: Keep it simple, use colors strategically, focus on your unique selling point, and test your logo with a focus group or survey.


K-starting logos are a great way to create brand recognition and loyalty. By using familiar, everyday objects or bold, recognizable designs, you can quickly establish your brand in the minds of your target audience.

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